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Apparel, Caps and Hats


One unique advantage of custom logoed apparel is the effect it can have on your employee's attitude and work ethic. Custom embroidered apparel helps create a sense of community within your organization, and promotes pride in their own work, as well as the positive work of others.

Backpacks, Bags & Totes


A promotional bag can increase profit and boost sales revenue. It can also create brand and customer loyalty, as well as, promote and market a business to a wider audience. Giving away bags can reap many benefits to a brand or business.



Any good salesperson knows that planting the first seed of interest in a prospective customer is half the battle. Most people instinctively say “no” to sales pitches, which doesn’t make it easy to break through to new customers.

Introducing people to your brand in a friendly, approachable manner can help you get past this obstacle.



Here are 5 reasons why promotional products are crucial for any business:

  • Low-Cost Effective Marketing. ... 
  • Instant Brand Recognition. ... 
  • Greater Exposure Of Your Business. ... 
  • Works As Your Business Card. ... 
  • Customer Loyalty. 



Technology has changed the way we live so much so that we hardly ever hold a printed calendar any more. Instead, we hold our phones. What's funny, though, is every time you walk into someone's office, you see a calendar sitting on their desk or up on their wall. While digital calendar platforms may be ever present in our lives, people still like to have a big, fun, printed calendar in front of them for easy reference. 

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